Wheelchair football has been played across the UK for a number of years now, with many clubs and development programmes providing regular coaching. At national and international level however, the game has been slow to progress.

Although the various football associations continue to provide opportunities for wheelchair footballers, only the Wheelchair Football Association in England run a national team.

Rule Adaptations:

  • The game is played indoors on a 5-a-side pitch
  • The goals are 6m (19 ft) wide
  • The game is played using a 13" (33 cm) Football
  • 4 players on each team with 4 subs
  • Specially adapted powerchairs are used by each player
  • A match is 40 minutes long. (two 20 minute halves)
  • Push-ins used instead of a throw in
  • Only 2 players from the defending team may enter the penalty area at any one time
  • Only one defender may tackle an opponent at a time


The WFA also launched its national football league programme in 2007, just weeks after the National squad returns from Japan for their first Word Cup.

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