Special Olympics Great Britain
Regional Contacts
Each region has an elected committee, which is made up of representatives from the local groups.The Chairman represents the region (and its local groups) at the SOGB National Leadership Council.

The regional structure ensures that information and guidence is cascaded down from the the National office to the local groups.

Regional meetings take place regularly throughout the year to plan local, regional and national programs.

1.  Scotland 
 Jed Renilson (Regional Chair)
 45 Dunehill
 Jedburgh, TD8 6LJ
Tel:  01835 863475 
E-Mail:  jed@renilson.fsnet.co.uk
Web:  None
2.  Northern 
 Keith Wilcox (Regional Chair)
 1 Osprey Close
 Cleveland, TS14 8HN
E-Mail:  keith-wilcox1027@hotmail.com
Web:  None
3.  North West  
 Iain Chalmers (Regional Chair)
 5 Leybury Drive
 Crewe, CW2 6SL
Tel:  01270 665992 
E-Mail:  mail@disabilitysport.com
Web:  None
4.  Yorkshire & Humberside 
 Keith Thornton (Regional Chair)
 26 Moorfield Drive
 Shipley, BD17 6SL
Tel:  01274 581779
E-Mail:  janet@nolan5.karoo.co.uk
Web:  www.yhso-families.co.uk
5.  Wales 
 Roger Bowen (Regional Chair)
 96 Dolau Fan
 Burry Port
 Dyfed, South Wales
Tel:  01554 747504 
E-Mail:  rwboen@carmarthenshire.gov.org
Web:  None
6.  West Midlands
 Val Hanover (Regional Chair)
 6 Combs la Ville Close
 Jasmin Gardens
 Oswestry, SY11 2UB
Tel:  01691 670774  
E-Mail:  valerie@hanover192.fsnet.co.uk
Web:  None
7.  East Midlands
 Geoff Lane (Regional Chair)
 1 Spital Terrace
 Lincolnshire, DN21 1DW
Tel:  01427 811229  
E-Mail:  angela.morley@tesco.net
Web:  None
8.  South West  
 Lionel Jones (Regional Chair)
 39 The Street
 Gloucester, GL11 5SY
Tel:  01453 860271
E-Mail:  lionel@ucott.demon.co.uk
Web:  None
9.  Southern 
 Chris Jones (Regional Chair)
 98 Shaftsbury Avenue
 Waterlovile, Hants, PO7 5W
Tel:  02392 261318  
E-Mail:  chrisjones@sogb-southern.org.uk@hotmail.com
Web:  None
10.   South East 
 Veronica Smith (Regional Chair)
 5 Alma Villas
 East Sussex
 TN37 6QU
Tel:  01424 718223
E-Mail:  ronniebrian@btopenworld.com
Web:  None
11.  Greater London 
 No Details Tel:  No Details
E-Mail:  No Details
Web:  None
12.  Eastern 
 Jill Ashford (Regional Chair)
 3 Church Farm Barns
 Wymondham Road
 New Buckenham, Norwich, NR16 2BE
Tel:  01953 861144  
E-Mail:  thebarn@clara.co.uk
Web:  None


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