There are opportunities for everyone to play the national game, whatever their age, gender, ability, race, culture or background.

For the most talented players, there is a player pathway in place to ensure that they are given the very best opportunities and support to reach their full potential, which at the elite end may mean representing England. This is no different for disbled footballers, who could go on to play in one of the six imparement specific squads.


A player does not need to belong to an Ability Counts club in order to play for England. The formation of the Ability Counts clubs (and leagues) were just the first steps taken by the FA to help identify talented footballers.

All clubs are encouraged to nominate their talented footballers to train at one of the FA's regional coaching centres. Nominations must be made by a club's Manager/Head Coach (not by individuals, parents or carers)

Club's should contact the regional coaching centres in their area, where the centre managers will be able to give you details of the training sessions and how to apply.

These regional coaching centres work closley with the managers and coaches of the six National teams to ensure that the player patheway is complete.
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