Can you help me find a club?
If you can’t find a club listed on then it’s unlikely that I will know about it. The next port of call for you would be to;

  1. Look on the FA Club Finder tool
  2. Contact your County FA disability development officer who should be aware of the clubs in his/her area.
  3. Look on governing body websites such as;
    and other disability specific websites

How do I get involved in disability football?
A lot of clubs are crying out for volunteers and coaches.
Just contact a club listed on this site or even one of the imparement specific national governing bodyies. The FA has also set up a volunteer coordination programme to put volunteers in touch with clubs.
Contact you County FA for details

How do I become qualified to coach disabled footballers?
Most county FA’s hold ‘Coaching Disabled Footballers’ courses through the year. The pre-requisite is that you should hold the FA Level 1 certificate. This is a one day event and is aimed at coached who are already coaching in ‘mainstream’ football, but want to start coaching disabled footballers. If you are already working with, or coaching disabled footballers, you've probably already developed the skills that the course covers.
Contact your County FA Football Development officer for detais

Click here for County FA details

How do I start a club for disabled footballers?

  1. Get a group of footballers
  2. Find a venue to train
  3. Get in touch with some other teams
  4. Start playing some football

More detailed guidelines to follow

I run a main stream football club but want to know how to start disability section?
If you run a main stream club then you should already have an infrastructure within your own club.
More detailed guidelines to follow

How do I submit my team’s details?
Complete the form in the ‘Submit Team details’ section.
The form will come to me in email form and I’ll create a page for your teams as soon as I can.
Alternatively, you can just send the details to me by normal email

How do I change my teams details?
The easiest way is to just notify the changes by email
Alternatively you could complete the Submit Team Details form again to show the changes

How do I get a photo on my team’s page?
Send me the photo by email and I’ll put it on your page

I’ve submitted my details some time ago but they’re still not listed on the site?
I try to update the site as often as possible and check for new submissions every week or so.
If I have not added your team, it is probably due to my own club commitments or work with Special Olympics and Mencap (or it could even be my proper job). Just drop me an email to remind me and you’re sure to prod me into action.

Where can I find ‘Audible’ footballs for blind or VI football?
This seems to be a problem for many coaches and teams. Although my background is coaching footballers with a Learning Disability, I've contacted a few people within VI football but drawn a blank.
Try contacting British Blind Sport or a football club which is specific to VI or Blind football.

I am a University student doing a dissertation on ‘disability football’ can you help me?
I regret that due to the large volume of this type of enquiry, I am no longer able to answer these requests. I also feel that there are far more suitably qualified people who would be better placed to help than me.


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