There are currently 25 active deaf football clubs in Great Britain, most of which compete in mainstream football leagues around Britain. The majority of these clubs compete in the British Deaf Football Cup, The English Deaf Cup, and the Scottish Deaf Cup.

Under international criteria, deaf players must have an average hearing loss of 55 Decibels or more in the best ear. All players competing in deaf matches must remove all hearing aids.

As well as competing with deaf clubs, many deaf footballers also play for Ability Counts teams in the FA's regional Ability Counts leagues.


Rule Adaptations:

There are no rule adaptations for deaf football.


The Football Associations run International Deaf Football teams which compete in the European Championships and the World Cup. British Blind Sport co-ordinates the Great Britain deaf football team which competes in the Deaflympics.

In 2001 was launched to as a web portal to communicate provide information for the deaf football community in Britain. It provides up to date information about the GB team as well as the national deaf football tournaments.

More information about these organisations can be found via the following pages:

Doncatsre Deaf College Football Team


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