CP Sport is dedicated to providing opportunities for all people with cerebral palsy to take part in sporting activities at local, national and international level The organisation provides coaching and training opportunities for a number of sports including football.

CP Sport support a number of football festivals throughout the year. Details of these can be found on their event Calendar on the CP Sport Website.

Eligible participants for CP Sport events must have a non-progressive brain damage resulting in difficulties with muscle control, balance and/or co-ordination, such as cerebral palsy, traumatic brain injury ,stroke or similar condition.

Classification is the grouping of athletes based on functional ability.

Classes 1 - 4:
are for athletes who compete from a seated position
Classes 5 - 8:
compete from a standing position

CP Sport provides routes for players into the National squads such as the British Paralympic Association team and the England CP team.

 Contact:  Phil Peat
 Address:  CP Sport England & Wales
 Unit 5,
 Heathcoat Building,
 Nottingham Science & Technology Park,
 University Boulevard,
 Nottingham NG7 2QJ
 Tel:  0115 925 7027
 E-Mail:  phil.peat@cpsport.org
 Web Site :  www.cpsport.org


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