Footballers with Cerebral Palsy fall into two main categories, those who play from a standing position and those who play seated.

Those that play from a standing position tend to belong to Pan disability football clubs and play to national FA rules (subject to local league or competition variation). For CP specific games and at international level, a seven-a-side version of the game is used, utilising a smaller playing area and reduced sized goals.


Rule Adaptations:
  • There are seven players on each side
  • There two halves of 30 minutes each
  • There is no off-side
  • Players can roll or throw the ball back into play

CP players who pay from a seated position play wheelchair or powerchair football.

The national sports organisation for people with cerebral palsy is CP Sport. It works closely with the FA and various other organisations and clubs, to run football days and training events for CP footballers.

The FA run the England CP football team which competes at the European Championships and the World Cup. The FA's regional Ability Counts leagues give CP players the opportunity to play regular competative football, and progress to the England squad.

CP Footballers also have the opportunity to participate at the Paralympics World Games with the Paralympic Great Britain football team. These games follow the Olympics which take place every four years.

England CP Squad

Further information about the organisations which provide football opportunities for CP Footballers can be found via the following pages:



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