People who take part in blind football are classified according to their level of sight, as B1, B2 or B3. Players in the B1 classification are considered blind (while those rated B2 and B3 are classified as visually impaired or partially sighted).

While some partially sighted players play in pan disability football teams, there are a number of VI specific clubs which play in a national league structure. Blind footballers play a different version of the game.


Rule Adaptations:


  • The game is played on a solid surface
  • There are five players in each team
  • Outfield players must wear eye-patches and blindfolds
  • The goalkeeper is sighted, but cannot leave the area
  • There are no off-side rules
  • The football contains ball bearings so that it makes a noise when it moves


  • Games are played on indoor pitches with a size-4 ball, which are designed to bounce less than a normal one.
  • Goalkeepers are sighted, but not allowed to leave their areas

British Blind Sport runs the national 5-a-side football league for visually impaired players. It also hosts football develement days throughought the country and an annual national schools tournament (for under 18's).

The FA run both an England Partially Sighted team and an England Blind team football. These teams compete at the European Championships and the World Cup. The FA's regional Ability Counts leagues give CP players the opportunity to play regular competative football, and progress to the England squad.

Five-a-side football for visually impaired players was introduced at the Paralympic Games in Athens 2004.

More information about these organisations can be found via the following pages:

South Shields VI FC in action in the North East Ability Counts League

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