Football for Amputees is generally played without prosthesis and by using elbow crutches (outfield players). Goalkeepers are single arm amputees. However players who are uncomfortable about playing on crutches are encouraged to wear limbs by some clubs, in order to get more people involved.

There are only a handful of Amputee specific clubs around the country with many amputee footballers playing with Pan disability clubs in the regional ability counts leagues.

These leagues not only give Amputee players the opportunity to play regular competative football, but they also form part of the pathway into the England Amputee football team. This team competes in the European Championships and the World Cup.

Great Britain Amputee Football also gives players the opportunity to play at International level. This is run by an independant group, in the hope that, one day, Amputees may be able to compete in the paralympics.

Manchester Amputee FC

Further information about the organisations which provide football opportunities for Amputee Footballers can be found via the following pages;

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