Ability Counts Leagues

County or regional Ability Counts leagues can vary in their size and structure. Each division will usually cater for teams of a different ability, and some leagues may also have juniors and female sections.

Divisions/Ability Levels

(7-a-side or 11-a-side)
players able to cope physically, good spatial awareness, excellent ability to understand tactics and good level of physical strength and fitness.

Championship (5 or 7-a-side)
players would be mobile, have spatial and tactical awareness, knowledge of the laws of the game and have a good level of fitness.

League One (5-a-side)
players would have limited mobility, spatial awareness and fitness.

Leagues Two and Three can be seen in some of the larger leagues


Ability Counts Leagues

Ability Counts 3 Counties League
BOBi League
Birmingham Ability Counts League
Cambridge Ability Counts League
Cheshire Ability Counts League
Cornwall Ability Counts League
Devon Disability Football League
Dorset & Wiltshire AC League
North East Ability Counts League
East Riding Ability Counts League
Hampshire Disability League
Herefordshire Disability League
Kent Disability League

Lancashire Disability League
Leicestershire and Rutland AC League
Merseyside Ability Counts League
Greater Manchester AC League
MCFA Pan County Disability League
North Riding Ability Counts League
North East Ability Counts League
Sheffield & Hallamshire AC League
South West Ability Counts League
Staffordshire Ability Counts League
Surrey Primary League
West Riding Ability Counts League

Contact details of your local Ability Counts League can be found within the 'Development' section of your County FA's web site. Alternativeley contact your County FA disability Football Development Officer.

North West Ability Counts League
Norwich City
West Riding Ability Counts Lge

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